Vernon decided he wanted to have an enclosure around the hovercraft so that he could hover all winter without freezing his toes! Verdon decided to take it out and try it on a beautiful wintry day in February!

Fitted with just one gull wing door at this time, the prototype is easy to enter.

Cruising the Mississippi near Lynn Hollow in full sunshine, allowed Verdon to remove his jacket and gloves, and enjoy the scenery!

Well, this isn't a StarCruiser, but we we found it embedded into the ice near Cassville and one of the favorite fishing holes. No one was around, and we assume it had power plant problems!!

We also encountered one of the AirRider crafts, an early Weber craft using a 10 hp push and a 5 hp lift, before the StarCruiser! These two guys (Randy and Andy Hefel) are avid fishermen and run their craft hard and fast and have not been one bit disappointed.

Yup, that's me in the PL Express, as I finally got in a good day of hovering! But notice the snow. Quite a bit of the Mississippi is open now, but there still remains slushy snow near the banks and backwaters!

Here's another shot of Verdon as we head for the Guttenburg dam!

And a shot from the rear as we fly the ice!

And yes, the PL Express has another hole. The ice got me at the dam, but we flew for 2 1/2 hours more with no problems, but the bag was actually split in half! I've been promised a new skirt in the spring!

With the day over, we loaded the hovers and went on our way! One of those rare days when the sun warms you, no matter what type of craft you are flying!

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