Friday the 13th Cruising on theWisconsin River...October 2000!

A cruise is very, very impromptu...often only one or two hovercrafters, but then could also consider a hoverin a cruise, as quite often one or two days of the hoverin are dedicated to just that...CRUISING!! But here are some different types of cruises!!

Eagle Watching on the Wisconsin River with Bill, Bob and Andy and the Webers!

Cruising on the Mississippi River with the Eagles...January 2001!

A perfect excuse for a hoverin.....November on the Mississippi!

Fort Snelling State Park, Entrance to the Minnesota and Mississippi River Cruise!

Read all about the: Dramatic Hovercraft Rescue on the Wisconsin River which developed out of a casual afternoon cruise between 3 individuals!!

How About the Weber Hovercrafts Company Picnic--Year 2000!! Picnicking the back waters of the Wisconsin River with various friends and bovines!....June 25, 2000!

And then their is just plain WET FUN!! Mississippi Hovering with Kelley and Eric....June 24, 2000!

Cruising on the Wisconsin River...Labor Day 1999!

Lower Wisconsin River Waterway Group Director Goes for Hover Ride!

Arena, WI, Cruise with Goldstein!

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