You have to love hovering A LOT!! to stand on the edge of the Mississippi River in February watching for a couple of WIGs to fly by!

Jim Pendargast and Vernon Weber talk hovers! That's the PL Express right of Jim's UH!
A long shot of some of the hovers--10 crafts (all homebuilt) showed up for some fun hovering on Feb. 20!
Ben Tilson brought his StarCruiser from Rochester, MN, and gave lots of rides to onlookers.
Terry Chapman and his son brought along the new entry level. It could be a real winner at Troy this year!
Of course, the biggest kid is flying it here--Terry!
The longer the day wore on, the colder the wind blew and more ice developed on the hovers and the WIGS...eventually bringing both WIGs to total standstill.

No deicing available here......

This is an example of how the ice began collecting on screens. On the PL Express, ice became so thick at one point there was roughly 1/2" opening between the mesh!
The cruise retired back to Bob's place, and Terry and Jr. took on the PL Express.
Terry returns from a jaunt on the river.
Bob Z. and Bob W. get out the models and a few other inventions for some fun in the back lot!
The day ended with a grand bonfire, video tapes and dinner in Moline, IL.

Join Universal Hovercrafts next year at their annual hoverin if you missed the fun this year!

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