Cedar River Cruise June 2006

It started out fine with David and MaryJean Janni arriving Thursday afternoon at Palisades Park. The Sun had been shining all week and I was hoping for some good hovering.  The Janni's had been in the Park since 11:00 am and did some local site seeing in Mt Vernon taking in PollyAnn's Antique Shop. "Hey David; I didn't know you were so interested in Antiques and Quilts":)

I met them a little after 4:00 pm and had supper of LandJaegger's with Chips and Salsa.  "Yum Yum". We were fortunate to have a deer come out of the woods and walk within 30 feet before sauntering back into the trees.The Temperature was in the 80's so we took a drive to cool off.

After returing to their campsite a neighboring camper came over to look at David's Hovercraft and invited us over to share their campfire.  Don & Cindy were regular campers and told us about how they could get different color fire by stuffing a 3 inch copper tube with plastic garden hose "Not Rubber Hose" and tossing it into the fire.  The chemical reaction from the heating and burning cause a gas to form that burned red, blue, green, pink, purple and other shades of color.

That is were I should have kept my Trap shut.  "But Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!" I had to say that I knew about that from years ago when I worked for a county park.

Well MaryJean Pipes up "Michael" You knew how to do this and never showed us???????????  We could have been doing this for the last 4 years at the hover rallies!  You just didn't think it was important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  Oooohhhhhh My was I in trouble.  For rest of the weekend I was constantly reminded how it would have been so wonderful to have the pretty campfire at the hover rallies.Don and Cindy tossed in the copper pipe fille with plastic garden hose in the fire and produced the many different colors for over 2hrs.

Friday morning Linda & Verdon Weber arrived at the Park at 10:00 am.  MaryJean and Linda decided to go for a drive to see Jack Leonard "Maggie's Owner".  Verdon and I repaired a busted manifold pipe on my Thrust engine. After a couple of stops at the local hardware store to get pipe and clamps the M.A.D. Mag was ready to go.  At 12:30 pm "David Janni, Verdon, Doc Bowden, and I hovered down river. 



We stopped at Sutliff to see Jack and the ladies but after Irene came home and started showing Linda and MaryJean her Quilts and Hosta I knew there would not be any hovering unless I said lets get going. So the Guys went hovering while the Gals went Hosta and Quilt hunting or whatever ladies do when they get together. lol

            We hovered downriver to Cedar Valley "about 14 miles before returning back to the park.  The girls had just made it back to so we all hovered up through the cut in the dam up to the Roller Dam. 

            We all hovered close to the face of the Dam and Linda took some awesome pics.We ended the day at Gwens with a buffet of Fish\Salad and Pecan Pie for dessert.

            Friday Night it rained cats and dogs.  I made coffee at 8:00 am and started the heater in my enclosed trailer.  David and MaryJean cooked breakfast We all brought in our camp chairs into the trailer.  We ate Bacon & Eggs and Salsa and Chips.  Let's not forget the Hoho's and Peanut Butter which is a tradition with Verdon and I. 

            While it rained outside we talked all morning in the trailer cozy and dry. Around noon everyone decided it was not going to quit raining or warm up. Everyone packed up and went home.I left my hovercraft at the park and took my enclosed trailer home. 

I went back to pickup the hovercraft on Sunday and decided to go down to the boat ramp to see if anyone was there. No;only a family who were just packing up from fishing.  Their daughter who looked to be about 10 years old come running up to see what kind of boat I had. Of course I told her is was a hovercraft.  She said boy it would be fun to see that run.  It was cloudy and had quit raining and I hadn't planned on unloading but the look on her face made me think when I was a kid and how I would see a boat or motorcycle and think it would be neet to see it go.

Her Dad and come over and was eyeing the M.A.D. Mag and asking questions when I asked him if he would like to see it run.  They both chorus YES!  I unloaded the Starcruiser and took it for a spin up to the sandbar and back. I hovered up the ramp and turned it around.  The little girl said it sure looked like fun and her Dad was thinking the same thing. 

I asked her Father if he and his daughter would like a ride.  I never saw two more excited faces.  I think the Dad was more excited. lol

I had two extra Life Vests and after they put them on with hearing protection we took off upriver towards the dam. I cut across the sandbar and back into the water then back over the sandbar and head down river about a 1/2 mile. We took another ride past the boat ramp where her Mother was standing and both Dad and Daughter were waving.  I hovered up the ramp and the family thanked me for the ride.  It sure does feel good to make that day a little extra special for that family.

I loaded up Mag and headed home around 2:30 pm.See ya at the next hoverin

Mike C "Mag Master"

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