(Pete Gardell sends pictures and captions for one of the best hoverins ever!)

The First Connecticut Hoverin turned out to very successful. Thanks to Jon Rich for putting the event together. The weather was beautiful! I think that there were at least 13 craft showed for the Saturday morning gathering. We were able to entertain the public for a few hours. We were on the local news and the local radio and cable access showed up. We had quite a gathering around the ramp to watch the fun. Many people were given rides. We chatting, cruised and just plain had fun. I for one am looking forward to the next gathering.

Raoul Arrives on Trike with Neoteric in Tow from Boston Area. Quite a sight to see!

Ed Strunk arrives from Long Island, NY and starts unveiling his beautifully crafted Vanguard while Mable Thompson chats with him.

Jon Rich in his Neoteric Hovertrek. Thanks to Jon for all his effort in Planning this very successful Hoverin. Thanks to his wife Val for all her support. She was always running around to get food, take pictures and even have picture developed for everyone to take home.

Steve Mayor in his very impressive "Big Ole Boat" respectfully called BOB. Steve and his wife Helen made the trip up from West Virginia.

Some people may remember John Thompson’s Sportsman Craft from the Hoverally in Troy. Well John finished his craft and it is seen here on its maiden voyage. John and his wife Mable came down from Rochester, NY.

This craft has yet to see the water. This UH10F built by Bruce Carenza on Connecticut was one of the craft that remained as a static display for the public.

Ian Cummings with son Colin doing some last minute skirt repair on their StarCruiser. Looking on is Dave Martin and his wife. They traveled from Maine to see the hovercraft. They have placed their order for their very own StarCruiser.

Warren of Connecticut gives a lesson on the principles of Hovercrafts. I think he has inspired some future Hovernuts!

Pete Gardell of Connecticut giving Jane from the Windsor Chamber of Commerce a ride in his StarCruiser. She loved it including the 360s. Val Rich in the background holding off the boaters

Gather ‘round its Drivers Meeting Time!

Jon Rich conducts Drivers Meeting. The local Windsor Cable Access Channel is filming him.

Here comes the Windsor Chamber of Commerce Folks Jane & Mike behind BOB.

Erin Gardell (5 yrs old) ready to hover!

Typical Shop Talk going on.

Colin Cummings tries out Kevin Duggan’s homebuilt Sportsman. We have dubbed the craft the Captain Marvel Craft. We are just waiting for the Spandex suit to show up. Kevin is from RI and will be getting his StarCruiser very Soon.

Ramp’s Eye View of the beautiful Connecticut River.

Here comes BOB down the ramp. Thanks to Steve and Helen for coming. Steve gave lots of rides to the public. What a thrill to hear the rumble of the skirt!!

General Parking Area for the Saturday Event. Craft were on display to the public from 8am to 10am. The Windsor Chamber of Commerce Sponsored the event supplying coffee and donuts in the morning.

Trace Keller’s gang getting ready for a ride in a Neoteric owned by Bob from Staten Island, NY.

Ed Strunk starting off on our Cruise to Springfield, MA.

John & Mable Thompson talking shop with some local folk.

Ed comes out of transition with his Vanguard.

Ed with his Vanguard & Bill with his Scat. It was impressive to see the way he got the Scat to move out.

Sandbar Transition on the Connecticut River.

Ed & Ian Cruising along.

Ian shooting some very mild rapids in his StarCruiser.

Erin at rest on during a pitstop on a Sandbar just above the Enfield Dam.

Ian coming back with his thrilled passenger. See Ian’s description of the story. This guy almost bailed out when Ian took him over the dam.

Beautiful shot of 8 of the Craft that Cruised north to Springfield, MA.

More Pitstop photos.

Still More Pitstop photos.

And some more.

We even passed Six Flags New England Amusement Park. Yes, that is a really cool Roller Coaster. It is Superman Ride of Steel. I had the fortune to go ride the ride the Monday following the Hoverin. They take you up 208 feet and you fall 220 feet at a top speed of 80 mph. You have to check it out.

Chilling out after a great Saturday of hovering at the Trout Brook Brewery Restaurant overlooking the CT River in Windsor, CT.

The other direction.

Raoul gasing up his neoteric for some Sunday Action.

Some idle talk time at the launch on Sunday Stephen & Helen Mayor, Jim Kenny & Ed Strunk. Jim spent the morning typing in peoples names and addresses. Jim is quite the Hovernut. I hear he has some great video as well.

Jon Rich on the Farmington River. Cool Helmet Jon!!

Steve & Helen Mayor on the Farmington River.

Raoul on the Farmington River too.

Folks admiring the craftsmanship that Stephen Mayor has put into BOB.

BOB comes up the ramp.

Steve giving a few more Rides with BOB.

I got to ride in BOB. Thanks Steve. Quite a comfortable Ride! This is a picture of the Hartford Skyline from the CT River.

Jon & Bob cruising along in their Neoterics.



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