It seems that the hovercraft 'bug' has bitten......



It all started for Brian when he purchased an engine and some parts for a UH10F that Dave LaCombe was giving away at the Muscoda Hoverin in 2001!

  Brian's Dad (Kevin) owns one of the original AirRiders built in the 1980's by Verdon and Vernon Weber and flies it quite regularly, being an avid ice fisherman........
Brian had his graduation picture taken in front of his dad's airplane, co-owned in a local air club....  
  as well as in front of his UH10F!


He's a hard working Wisconsin farmer, high school student, place kicker for the local football team which went to state and WON this year!, local DJ, radio newscaster.......and you'd think he had enough to do, but now he's an avid hovercraft builder....thanks to Dave LaCombe and the Webers! After Brian got bit with the hover bug and flew the UH10F, he knew he wanted bigger and faster!!

  Brian was avidly building at home in his spare time (don't know where he found any in his list of many activities); and when he needed a quick answer to a puzzle piece in putting together his hovercraft, he called Verdon and/or Linda.....
  The entire hovercraft was built by Brian and his dad in their garage/shop on the farm. Even though it looks similar to a Weber StarCruiser, Brian put his own mark in the making of the craft.

As the craft slowly came together, he chose to purchase a few parts from the Webers. Here's a shot of him installing the prop and checking the tightness of the engine mount.

  Vernon helped him with the cables.......Brian had already installed the lift engine at home and had it running perrrrrrrfectly!
  It's time for a spin around the yard in the snow.......
  Brian was especially careful as he had not installed the guards yet; that was next on the list when he returned home.
  Luckily he lives not too far away, as this was only one of many trips when he needed further advice from the pros!
  The maiden run was December 27, but I couldn't go along. However, December 28 came and Brian was still anxious to Verdon and I put on our coveralls and hit the ice flying!
  It was a grand time of hovering on this day as the Mississippi was super slick in spots, with only an occasionaly jagged piece of ice to take into consideration! Temps were in the 20s, wind chill was in the minus -0- somewhere, but as every hovercrafter knows, it's worth getting off your warm keester to enjoy nature......drop that warm bun, and dump that cold beer, and get out and hover with the rest of us!!!

If you would like to hover with Brian someday, he lives only 10 minutes from the Mississippi in southern him anytime! And then don't forget to let us know too, and we'll meet you at the Point for a grand day of hovering!

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