Meet Eric Goldstein, Hoverclub of America Ambassador,

from Evanston, IL !!!

Eric G. and the Webers Leave From Arena!

The best cruises are the most impromptu! Everyone who is a hovernaut knows this. And on a particular July morning, Eric Goldstein was standing outside the Weber residence watching the rain come down. Only minutes prior, he had heard it coming thru the standing corn fields in a roar--no way was this to be a good hovering day!

However, in Wisconsin, the weather changes every 5 minutes!! We headed for the Arena boat landing for a 40 mile cruise to the Prairie du Sac Dam and back...


Beautiful and powerful...the Prairie du Sac dam! Home of lots of good fishing! The Muscoda, WI, cruise also came here and enjoyed the turbulent waters, much the same as white water!

Along the way, we found these 2 young kids and their dad, just staring out over the Wisc. River at the strange machines flying past them. I suggested we double back and we gave everyone hover rides for quite some time!


Now I understand why people stare at us with mouths wide open...!!! That's Eric going down nose first, and Verdon sliding off the sand!

Eric ploughs a little sand as he rises to the top!!


On the way home that evening, Eric found a couple canoers absolutely worn out from the day's ride down the river, and they got a hover craft ride back to the boat landing! Eric made such a hit with the canoers, he was still giving rides when we left for home!!

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