Prairie du Chien Hoverin, March 20, 1999... continued

A broken belt put Travis down; here Bill Z. and Ben Tilson help bring the craft in for repairs.  
The PL Express (SC3/18) and Ben Tilson's craft from Minnesota (SC4/25) readying for the cruise...and a small impromptu driver's meeting on the side.  
Bob Windt's WIG minus the wings!! All ready for a day of cruising!  
Carl and Janet Gorsuch made the trip from Cincinnati, OH, to attend this rally! (UH13P)  
Ben Tilson introduced Ken Roberts to Hovercrafting 2 months ago, and if you're on the internet, you'll have to get on Ken's email list!! This is Bill Zang's racer--now Ken's racer!!  
Vernon Weber--still giving rides!!!...  
Fresh paint and one of those new ducts the Zangs are putting out!  
Bob Zang and his UH. He told me he doesn't have true plans for this craft, that it's a blend!
Don Leppert (Waukon)--also a SC4 owner--says it's the best day he's had in a long time--wind or no wind; it was worth the trip!
Just an example of a careful hovercrafter--velcro fastens his gloves to his camo suit!
Another view of the velcro on the camo suit and on the gloves!

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