Prairie du Chien Hoverin, March 20, 1999

Bob Windt and boys arrive in van with hovers on top and in tow
Crafts arrived for the hoverin in many ways!

If you're coming from the South, you go past the famous and impressive Cabela's Sports Warehouse, and head for the Mississippi River at the Ambro Schlough and shoot for Pike's Peak--a jutting rock formation at the corner of the Mississippi and Wisconsin River. Sound like fun? It really was...although not a good day for WIG flying, a group of 14 hovercrafts and 41 general public gathered for a day of fun!

Gathered for lunch on the Williams' deck are: (left to right) Shirley Angel--co-owner of a StarCruiser 4; Ron Williams (host)--owner of StarCruiser 4; Ben Tilson--owner of StarCruiser 4, and Verdon Weber (WIG and SC4).
Kids joined in on the fun with hot dogs, chips and desserts of all kinds.
Brenda Williams (hostess) whipped up some delicious venison barbecue--best I've tasted in this area ever!
Verdon Weber brings a rider in--many of the 41 attendees of the hoverin enjoyed their first ride in a hovercraft.
Charlie Feller Jr. (Prairie du Chien) owns a SC4 and says it's the best $ he ever spent--frankly wishes he never would have invested in a boat in his early fishing years.  
Dennis Sornson (center) brought his Sevtec, which looked pretty snappy! UH13P in the background behind the Sev.
Brad and Damion Robinson; Travis and Shane Wilke; Nate and Jeremy Wilson and Kacie Hanson came with Bob Windt and Bill and Bob Zang for the hover.
Ben Tilson readies all of his kids (3 minus the baby!) for their trip out on the Mississippi River!  

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