For those of us who hadn't seen the mighty Mississippi River at the Lincoln Shields Recreation Area, many stood in awe at the rolling waves of the working river, while others simply boarded their hovercrafts with passengers and struck out to have some fun in the sun.

Verdon loves to give rides!

I was still awed by that beautiful bridge and its work of art. Temps were in the 90s most all day long, leaving this Hovernaut with a sunburned lower lip. (I must learn to wear that cap!)

Is it a space ship or some new hovercraft?

Michael Murphy, St. Louis Hoverides, had just purchased an OFO a couple days earlier and brought it for all of us to help with comments before its refurbishing. Incidentally, OFO stands for Oval Flying Object, a hovercraft built in the early 1990s and seldom seen anymore.

Here's a picture of an OFO that showed up at the Portage, WI, National Cruise a few years back.

It seems I saw this making those crop circles in England! The OFO is really a piece of art!

But not to be confused with this UFO built by Verdon Weber.

Verdon needed an extra car, so he built one!

Mike's shown giving rides in this photo; in fact, passengers were always lined up to get a ride in that Hoverstar!

I think there's competition going between Mike and Verdon in the ride giving department!

Cecil Scalf brought along No. 13 and sold it on the spot!

Entry Level #13 has found a good home but Cecil will always remember it!
Some lucky kid is having fun tooling around the back yard tonite in that craft!

Among the StarCruisers attending were: Ken Markham and family, Jack McKinney and family, Bob Carter (and Pat Murphy!), Verdon and Linda Weber.

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